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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  March 13, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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inside the van, shot her in the head and pushed her out into the middle of connecticut avenue. all of this was caught on camera by the surveillance cameras at this shell gas station. witnesses rushed across connecticut avenue just seconds after the shooter pulled the trigger. they instantly start cpr at the same time the suspect sped off. >> they were trying to save her life. >> she was dying. >> oh my god. it's unbelievable. very horrible. >> reporter: the victim, an adult white woman died in the middle of connecticut avenue as the search continues for her killer. that person is believed to be 51-year-old phillip joseph gilberti. a man that had nine restraining orders against him since 2004. >> he is a powerful guy and he acts before he thinks. >> reporter: he has been friends with gilberti for the last 40 years. he stopped shortly after the
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shooting took place. >> i said wow, that kensington is all shut down. somebody just killed a lady and dumped her out and he started, well tom, i got to go. >> reporter: he was gone, but he ditched his van. police believe he sped on foot and spent the afternoon searching for him in south sock riel. we asked tom if he thought his friend was capable of committing murder. >> he's a 260-pound bully. reporter: the search continues into tonight. police believe he is armed and dangerous. if you see him, you're asked not to approach him, call 911. in kensington, 9news now. in d.c., police are looking for the person who carjacked an suv this morning with a five month old baby boy still inside. it happened around 7:30 a.m. at this house on suitland road in southeast. according to relatives, the mother started the car, put the infant inside and went back to get her other son. that is when the person jumped
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in and grabbed the car from inside the open garage. police found it a half an hour later less than a mile away. the baby is still there, not hurt. police have not released any information on a possible suspect. the criminal charges against him have been dropped on technicality, so scott speier wants his old job back. the well known montgomery county teacher and coach accused of having sex with a 16- year-old former student met with the school officials considering his fate. speier and his attorney said they now intend to fight since the criminal charges have been dropped. >> why does he want his job back? >> because it's been his life. teaching and coaching has been his career. and he has had a wonderful career. he is such a devoted teacher, anything too devoted and maybe that's part of the reason we have the problem we do here. >> now prosecutors say their hands were tied because that girl was old enough to consent to sex and speier's volunteer
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status as a track coach where the girl is an athlete lets him off the hook under state law. the criminal charges were dropped monday. speier, however, remains on suspension pending the outcome of the school system investigation. less than an hour, the polls will close. the next two republican primary states and the results from alabama and mississippi could either shake up or slim down the race for the nomination. the reason why, a total of 87 delegates up for grabs and no candidate is a clear favorite. newt gingrich could benefit the most. he trails mitt romney and rick santorum in the delegate count and a sweep today, certainly narrows things down. >> i think the opportunity is here for us to have the extraordinary breakthrough and ten years from now to look back and think wow, look how much we saw and look how much stronger the country is. >> where does he go from here? i mean, we go next to illinois and he is sitting at 10% in the state of illinois. >> but newt gingrich says he has no plans on dropping out no
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matter what happens today. we will have the results from alabama, mississippi, and the hawaii primaries tonight on 9news now at 11:00. and hawaii's polls will close too late for us to have the complete results there. you've heard the old phrase, follow the money. that's what the federal investigators are doing as they look into alleged corruption. they are following a money trail today that led straight to d.c. city hall. they are seeking information on all the business dealings in campaign contributions from businessman, jeff thompson, dating back to 2003. the fbi and the irs raided thompson's home and offices earlier this month and sources tell us, council members have already gotten subpoenas. others may soon join that list. council member says he's not yet gotten a subpoena, but today, orange was forced to do a lot of explaning about his long relationship with jeff thompson. responding to published reports, orange produced records of 26 money orders that went to his campaigns from thompson's contest. >> what is it about these
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money orders that arouse suspicion? >> what you would look at, maybe ten in the serial numbers are all running the same sequence. >> meaning they were bought at the same time? >> bought at the same time, however, the name may have been from georgia. so that would raise a suspicion. >> talking possible fraud? >> i'm not going to make that determination. >> council members who got campaign contributions from thompson say they are re- examining their records. the head of maryland senate suggests delaying discussion on a gas tax increase. senate president, mike mill e said it might be better to hold a special session to give gas prices to go down. he wonders if lawmakers will have the appetite to talk increases as they debate other taxes. governor martin o'malley is scheduled to testify tomorrow for his proposal to impose sales taxes. 9 wants you to know, the man at
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the center of an investigation for allegedly selling alcohol to minors had his first court appearance today. richard kim, the owner of the town square market was arraigned on criminal charges in d.c. superior court. andrea mccarren was in the courtroom. she tells us what happened. >> trouble. why are you buying? >> a subdued town square market owner arrived at d.c. superior court to face criminal charges. >> angry. >> despite the ire of his family, crime told us he just made a mistake by standing in a d.c. superior courtroom to plead not guilty to charges of supplying alcohol to a minor. >> did they not look young to you? >> yes. >> we asked his koreaen friend to serve as our translator. >> sometimes you sold to 16- year-olds. >> yeah. they look 16. id. they look 16, and when you see
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id, it's different. >> i check everybody. >> last time we came face to face with the owner of town square market, he was defiant. >> you buy beer, i check your id. >> we documented his stores allegedly cor sales to minors for several weeks. evidence backed up by nearly 40 police citations. after his court appearance, he said he was filled with remorse. >> what does mr. kim say to the parents of the children who bought alcohol from him? >> i am sorry. i feel very sorry. >> kim will be back in court on april 17. he is now at the center of two parallel investigations. this criminal one and another by abra. d.c.'s alcohol control board. town square market's liquor license is up for renewal in six weeks. it was so nice outside today, you got a suntan if you were taking out the trash.
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we'll hope it keeps on just like this, anny. >> the sunshine and the warm conditions, well you're in luck. we have a string of warm days ahead of us. getting into the low 80s today. can you believe that? average high, mid 50s. it feels more like late april, early may. right now, still pretty mild out here. 74 in downtown. 73 in leesburg. even hagerstown, you're still in the 70s. fredericksburg, you're at 79 degrees. so, it's a nice night to get dinner outside. our satellitely radar, a couple thunderstorms came through. we're looking at clear skies and a really mild night for tonight. again, a chance 23-r the early shower or thunderstorm. really minimal as of now. partly cloudy and mild. lows in the 50s. winds becoming northwest at 10 miles per hour. i'll let you know how warm it gets in the next few days or how long it stays this warm. also a chance for showers and storms in that seven-day
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forecast. back to you, derek. >> anny, thank you so much. the dark side of all this nice weather, you like skiing? this slope is shut down ahead of schedule. but first, president obama assures there will be justice in the tragic shooting of 16 civilians in afghanistan. the latest on who the investigation into the soldier accused of that crime. that's up next.
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back now with a salute to
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our women in uniform. today on capitol hill, the u.s. army women's foundation hosted its annual hall of fame luncheon. the focus, women who served in vietnam. local servicewomen were inducted into the foundation hall of fame and they were asked to share their stories about serving as nurses, translators, and navigators. president obama promises there will be a full and thorough investigation into the murder of 16 afghan citizens allegedly by one u.s. soldier. defense secretary says he could face the death penalty when brought to trial in this country. that, however, has not satisfied the protesters in afghanistan. they want a trial in their country. the president assures them, justice will be done. >> the killing of innocent civilians is outrageous and it's unacceptable. it's not who we are as a country and it does not represent our military. >> the taliban is promising revenge and today insurgents
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fired on an afghan government delegation at a memorial service for the victims and one afghan soldier was killed. four major banks don't have enough capital to survive another economic collapse. that's the result from the federal reserve's latest bank stress test. it factored in imaginary scenarios, including 13% unemployment and a 50% drop in stock prices. ally financial and a fourth unnamed bank all failed to show they could survive all that. 15 major banks did pass the test. the federal reserve did say that all the banks have built up their capital reserve since the 2008 financial crisis. summer is apparently back, even though it's only march. so, how long can this possibly go on? anny's forecast is minutes away. but first -- >> meanies on the internet. are we all food stops here and is it fair to pick on an 86- year-old food critic from north
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dakota? i'm bruce leshan, we are going to put the fettuccine alfredo to the test.
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marilyn takes manhattan. the 85-year-old food critic who poo pooed her review ole olive garden. now she's going to review in new york and she's got some other invitations, too. >> i write five columns a week.
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>> has the internet really become so mean that it is okay for hundreds of thousands of people to make fun of an 85- year-old woman? >> this is pathetic. >> marilyn wrote that the olive garden was the largest, most beautiful restaurant in grand forks. and her earnest column went viral. >> i heard it had gone viral and i didn't understand what that meant and so i asked tim and he had to explain, well, it's like if you have a virus and you're sick. >> maybe she's on to something. we challenged chef enzo to an olive garden tasteoff. >> the pasta is a little bit too cooked for me. >> he grew up in naples. he has been head chef at some of the hottest restaurants and runs the upscale bond 45 at national harbor. >> i can tell you, the meet ball is good. we put out a meat ball. >> he says marilyn is not so
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far off the mark. >> guys, guys, come on, give the woman a break. >> his alfredo is different than the olive garden's. >> don't put too much cream in it. i do a vegetable puree. >> it is delicious. >> you don't miss the cream at all. >> the mark of any good restaurant is its warm welcome. not its snob appeal. >> marilyn. >> you're my guest. you can come here any time you want. >> bruce leshan, 9news now. >> okay, so have folks gotten out of hand using the internet to attack other people? how many of those people would have had the courage to say anything like that to that nice lady in person? anyway, whatever happened to beauty is in the eye of the beholder? shouldn't that apply to taste and food as well?
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our warm weather and the lack of winter claimed its last casualty. the virginia ski resort shut down on sunday. winter green is hoping to stay open until st. patty's, but you know, this weather is ridiculously warm. forecast for the area this week call for temperatures in the mid 70s. no chance of snow, and well, now they are focusing on their warm weather activities. doesn't make sense to make snow when it's going to melt. >> and you and i are -- unfortunate ski season. >> you have to go out west. >> maybe you can think of water skiing this week, because it's very warm out there. got into the lower 80s today. the official high, 81 at reagan national. average high is 55. o yeah, it is warm. even toesty for the middle of march. how warm is it? it feels more like end of april, early may. here's a look. we are expecting temperatures to stay in the 70s for the rest of this workweek. mid 70s on friday. average high, mid 50s.
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so, want to bring out the barbecues, do that, because it is going to be warm the rest of the week. right now, 74 degrees. mostly cloudy conditions. winds are out of the south, southwest at 9 miles an hour yow. can see over the capital, nice clear skies. radar, we did see a couple showers coming through and a couple thunderstorms. but a lot is diminishing as the atmosphere is cooling. and as we look at live doppler 9,000, it is fairly quiet around the d.c. metro area. it's going to be a nice night to get dinner outside or sit on that patio. temperatures, 76 in arlington. 76 also in laurel. mid 70s for davidsonville. sterling also in the mid 70s. leesburg, you cooled to the lower 70s. so still really nice evening. so stays warm the next few days. really diminishing now, but spectacular for wednesday. you'll want your sunglasses, but leave the jackets at home and thursday is looking to be even warmer. can you believe that?
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so for tonight, partly cloudy and mild. early showers, storm is diminishing chances for that. lows in the 50s. so going to be a mild night tonight, in fact, turn off the heat. i did that early today. for tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and mild. grab the sunglasses. temperatures starting out in the 50s and 60s. then warm things up once again with plenty of sun. looking just great. take a walk. get that jog in. take your dog out. highs around 75. the winds will be light. our sunset at 7:14 p.m. all right, so here is how your wednesday breaks down. again, a mild start early in the morning. things are looking fantastic for noon. warm, in the 70s. and then by 5:00, low to mid 70s. plenty of sun. all right, your next three days. you like the sun? you'll like this forecast. warmer on thursday. upper 70s. then on friday, mid 70s with a chance for some unsettled weather coming into the forecast once again for friday afternoon and a chance for showers and some thunderstorms.
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still going to be warm. mid 70s. then on saturday for st. patrick's day. we are looking at partly cloudy conditions. a chance for showers over the marathon. things looking good, but on the warm side for all those runners. so, definitely going to be well hydrated. don't forget your sunscreen and enjoy it and have your sunglasses. >> and great for the rest of us. >> we'll see you in a couple minutes. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, radio shack's big reaction on the wusa9 facebook page who had a run in at a local radio shack with a clerk that got so mad, he printed out a receipt which
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sad, ugly itch, get over u.s.a. tattooville, maryland. allen taylor says that clerk needs to go. people that come in to spend their hard earned money and pay that clerk's salary, i work for a retail establishment and i say thank you and have a nice day. yes, we can all have bad days. don't print your ignorant comments on a sales receipt. but joyce wonders if the clerk was really the guilty party. i've worked at several different retail stores and none of us employees could change any of the wording on the receipt. so, i'm not sure the clerk of this store did this. but an investigation is warranted and the guilty party should be fired. and john building says the customer may be partly to blame as well. if they went back and forth over 5 cents for the bag tax, i'm going to say she showed her ugly side and the description was probably right on point. he doesn't appear to be the most pleasant and polite, complain so much she wanted a
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refund, as everybody probably knows by now, radio shack has apologized. they fired whoever was responsible because they know regardless of all of this, they may have lost a customer for ever and these days, who can afford that? the mail bag on the other hand, absolutely free. that is our report. i'll be back here at 11:00. log on any time to we'll see you a bit later. enjoy the weather. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. what really killed whitney houston? dionne warwick believes she knows. >> that's what i think happened to her. >> her new "e.t." interview, opening up about bobbi kristina. and why she didn't do the oprah interview. >> it was hard to watch? >> very difficult. plus, whitney's drug use. >> were you a part of the family intervention? >> and what happened inside the plane when they brought whitney's body home. >> laughter, a few tears. jennifer lawrence glimmering in gold as "the hunger games" takes over downtown l.a. >> it's just so loud. >> josh hutcherson, liam hemsworth with girlfriend miley cyrus. and thousands of screaming fans. >> it's crazy. madness here. it's bananas.


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